Open Letter to the Kitchener-Waterloo Community and Local & Provincial Government Regarding the Smart Growth Plan of Waterloo Region

Have you heard that our region’s Smart Growth Plan that supports healthy urban densification and curbs suburban development that is harmful to our forests and farmland is UNDER THREAT?! Check out Smart Growth Waterloo Region and take a moment to share your voice with local and provincial officials. This is an environmental concern that we CAN take positive action on. Below is a letter that Queen Street Yoga has written to leaders and the community on the Region’s Smart Growth Plan and our battle with the Ontario Municipal Board. Continue reading “Open Letter to the Kitchener-Waterloo Community and Local & Provincial Government Regarding the Smart Growth Plan of Waterloo Region”

Mindfulness in the New York Times

Mindfulness in the New York Times

In Mindfulness, a Method to Sharpen Focus and Open Minds

Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times

Michael Baime, director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness teaches a class in mindfulness and meditation.

LIKE most people, I have my share of tension and anxiety. And I’m happy to find ways to cope that don’t involve illegal drugs. So when the term mindfulness began cropping up everywhere, I became intrigued.Continue reading “Mindfulness in the New York Times”

the habit of love


This post was written by past QSY teacher Danette Adams. Danette writes thoughtful and sweet reflections on her own blog, “Overcoming the Overwhelm.” Danette offers life coaching that combines some of the practices she learned and honed in yoga and meditation, with new approaches to language, goals and gratitude.

the habit of love – originally posted on on January 18, 2013

Without exception, she consistently, unabashedly expressed her joy daily when seeing me. She listened to my rants and rages without judging. Remained impartial and didn’t give unsolicited advice.Continue reading “the habit of love”

bhijavrkshanyaya: the seed contains the tree

This post was written by Emma, and is cross-published on Thinkerpoet, her personal blog.
I was at a yoga and philosophy retreat this summer when a teacher introduced this concept. My ears perked up and I carefully wrote it down in my notebook. Bhijavrkshanyaya. The seed contains the tree. There wasn’t a great deal of discussion about it, but it was already growing little roots in my mind. Bhija (seed) vrksha (tree) nyaya (logic).
The symbol of the seed is one of our most universally compelling images as a human culture. No one is unaffected by the seed. The seed symbolizes potential, growth and nourishment. It invokes a sense of the Earth and its sacredness. It brings with it echoes of initiation, of reproduction, of the great cycles of creation and dissolution. It promises provision, hope, and abundance. The saving of seeds represents our very survival as a species that no longer forages for food but must rely on organized agriculture to feed us. Continue reading “bhijavrkshanyaya: the seed contains the tree”

Reblog: The Gift of Community

Reblogged from QSY yogini, Juanita Metzler’s post about Queen Street Yoga in the 12 Days of Good campaignImage.

The Gift of Community – Thursday December 13, 2012

When I think about community, I think about my street, my neighbourhood and my network. But I also think about community in the biggest sense and how I’m probably connected to people I don’t know, in ways I can’t even fathom.Continue reading “Reblog: The Gift of Community”

Our Vivacious Vision for 2013

To me, the winter solstice and the coming of a New Year are an opportune time to articulate our vision and recommit to practices that help us realize our dreams and intentions. The power of persistent practice can enhance so many areas of our lives. If you want to make 2013 your yoga year, commit to at least one practice each week, or join our Monthly Auto-Renew Unlimited Membership to practice and play more often at QSY. One of my favorite teachers, Darren Rhodes gives this great advice for growing your practice, “Slow and steady = superlative-sadhana in my opinionated opinion. Make your limitations part of your practice instead of problems preventing practice. Lastly, make fun a full-on part of your practice.” 

Here is our steady and vivacious vision at Queen Street Yoga. We hope you’ll join us in bringing it to life! Continue reading “Our Vivacious Vision for 2013”

Reblogged: Why teach yoga to Thugs?

This post originally appeared here. Meaghan Johnson, former QSY owner, worked with Shannon Braden a social worker and a QSY student on this great initiative

I’ve been asked this question. Not these “exact’ words, but it certainly felt that way when I was asked to ‘provide a rationale’ as to why we use yoga as part of our programs at inREACH, a street gang prevention program in Waterloo Region. Here’s the rationale I gave… which also seems to be backed up by a lot of good solid evidence.

All of the youth we work with at inREACH have deficits in the area of emotion regulation. In its most problematic form this may result in anger and aggression which can cause them to come into conflict with the law; less obviously, but just as seriously, many of the same youth suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. Continue reading “Reblogged: Why teach yoga to Thugs?”

A Big Change at Queen Street Yoga: A Letter from QSY Owner/Director, Meaghan Johnson


Dear Queen Street Yoga,

As of December 1st, there will be a new steward of Queen Street Yoga. I am pleased to announce that Leena Miller, who has shared her gifts as a teacher and administrator at the studio for the past three years, will be stepping into the role of Owner and Director of Queen Street Yoga. I will be continuing my journey into higher education in Communication, Facilitation and Youth Intervention at Concordia University, in Montreal. 

So, that is the big news! Please rest assured that Leena will honour all of your passes in the transition to her ownership, and we hope you will continue to practice at QSY for years to come. Continue reading “A Big Change at Queen Street Yoga: A Letter from QSY Owner/Director, Meaghan Johnson”

Reposition Your Internal Self

ImageScientists say it takes seven-ten years to regenerate and replace every cell in your body, including bones and organs. A whole new body every 7 years! And, of course, many cells, such as your skin cells, regenerate much more quickly. Of course there is a strong genetic matrix that you are rebuilding upon, but that generation is also responding to whatever it is we’re asking of our bodies. Continue reading “Reposition Your Internal Self”