Student Spotlight — Who Came to the Most Classes in 2014?

student spotlightThis Student Spotlight focuses on Jeremy, Barb and Mary, three members of Queen Street Yoga who came to an average of 182 classes each in 2014! Their combined total? A staggering 548 classes. They get the “Highest Attendance Award” from us. Congratulations!

Leena, the studio owner, joked “That’s definitely more than I practiced last year!

Leena and Emma caught up with these avid yogis after an Hour Flow class last week. We took a photo, and they chatted about their favourite poses.

picmonkey_image (2)

Mary: “My favourite pose? I think Downward dog because it used to be hard work and now it actually feels like a resting pose.”

Jeremy: “I would say child’s pose because it feels good for my lower back.”

Barb: “Shoulderstand because we never do it.” We all laughed at this, because it was right after this blog post about shoulderstand went up on the QSY blog. “Actually right now I would say plank. I’m starting to feel a lot stronger in it!”

It seems like for these folks, coming to the studio a few times a week works well for them. For others, yoga might be one part of a range of other practices and activities. Whether you join us once a month or once a year, we love all our children — er, all our students, equally. But seriously it doesn’t matter how much you practice. Your practice is your practice. 😉


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