Our Vivacious Vision for 2013

To me, the winter solstice and the coming of a New Year are an opportune time to articulate our vision and recommit to practices that help us realize our dreams and intentions. The power of persistent practice can enhance so many areas of our lives. If you want to make 2013 your yoga year, commit to at least one practice each week, or join our Monthly Auto-Renew Unlimited Membership to practice and play more often at QSY. One of my favorite teachers, Darren Rhodes gives this great advice for growing your practice, “Slow and steady = superlative-sadhana in my opinionated opinion. Make your limitations part of your practice instead of problems preventing practice. Lastly, make fun a full-on part of your practice.” 

Here is our steady and vivacious vision at Queen Street Yoga. We hope you’ll join us in bringing it to life! Continue reading “Our Vivacious Vision for 2013”

Reblogged: Why teach yoga to Thugs?

This post originally appeared here. Meaghan Johnson, former QSY owner, worked with Shannon Braden a social worker and a QSY student on this great initiative

I’ve been asked this question. Not these “exact’ words, but it certainly felt that way when I was asked to ‘provide a rationale’ as to why we use yoga as part of our programs at inREACH, a street gang prevention program in Waterloo Region. Here’s the rationale I gave… which also seems to be backed up by a lot of good solid evidence.

All of the youth we work with at inREACH have deficits in the area of emotion regulation. In its most problematic form this may result in anger and aggression which can cause them to come into conflict with the law; less obviously, but just as seriously, many of the same youth suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. Continue reading “Reblogged: Why teach yoga to Thugs?”

Reposition Your Internal Self

ImageScientists say it takes seven-ten years to regenerate and replace every cell in your body, including bones and organs. A whole new body every 7 years! And, of course, many cells, such as your skin cells, regenerate much more quickly. Of course there is a strong genetic matrix that you are rebuilding upon, but that generation is also responding to whatever it is we’re asking of our bodies. Continue reading “Reposition Your Internal Self”

Leena’s Elucidation of the Globe and Mail Article on Anusara Yoga

Dear students and friends,

I want to give you a bit of background and explanation of the article that I was interviewed for in Monday’s Globe and Mail. The article pertains to Anusara Yoga and the aftermath of the allegations against John Friend (founder of Anusara Yoga) that came out in February. You can read it here.

I do think the representation of the Anusara situation is fair, and appreciate that the journalist, Wency Leung, doesn’t sensationalize the events that have had profound and challenging repercussions in the Anusara community. I also appreciate that she conveys the sense of hope and empowerment that many teachers are finding. I am disappointed that she didn’t convey more of the depth and nuance of the things I discussed in my 45 minutes of interview with her, but that is to be expected in a short article I suppose. Continue reading “Leena’s Elucidation of the Globe and Mail Article on Anusara Yoga”

Precious and Inseparable: Connecting to the Sacred via Facebook

A post from Emma!

For those of you who were in my classes last week, you will remember that I was talking about a book called “Sacred Economics” and talking about what makes something sacred. A short piece that I wrote last week on this topic was published on the online newspaper Elephant Journal. It was calledPrecious and Inseparable: Connecting to the Sacred via Facebook“. You can click on the title to go to the article on the Elephant Journal site, or read the full post below. Continue reading “Precious and Inseparable: Connecting to the Sacred via Facebook”

Breathing Deeply – A Tip from Meaghan

When we are told to “breathe deeply” most of us tend to take deeper inhales. However, if we don’t make room for those inhales, we will not get very far. In fact, trying to force more air into the body can cause tension – the very thing we are trying to alleviate by breathing deeply!Continue reading “Breathing Deeply – A Tip from Meaghan”

8-Point Pose (Astavakrasana)

My mentor Christi-an often says, “Let what you can’t yet do inspire you!”

Not too long ago this pose used to baffle me, but with steady practice and careful alignment it’s gradually become one of my favorite arm balancing poses. Both myself and Emma have been introducing it in our classes lately, and it’s been so fun to both watch students take flight, and see the smiles filling the room as we try sometime new, ridiculous, and seemingly impossible. Thankfully the ground isn’t far below! Continue reading “8-Point Pose (Astavakrasana)”

Power of Movement Yoga Fundraiser

We had a beautiful Sunday morning for our Power of Movement event at Kitchener City Hall! We practiced yoga, fundraised for Arthritis and Autoimmune research, built awareness, and most of all, celebrated community. We collectively raised $13,317.00 CAD. QSY student Hang Tran was one of the top four fundraisers in the country, and her team, Savasana Warriors, was the very top team in Canada. Congratulations to Hang and her team! Check out the article Continue reading “Power of Movement Yoga Fundraiser”