Our Vivacious Vision for 2013

To me, the winter solstice and the coming of a New Year are an opportune time to articulate our vision and recommit to practices that help us realize our dreams and intentions. The power of persistent practice can enhance so many areas of our lives. If you want to make 2013 your yoga year, commit to at least one practice each week, or join our Monthly Auto-Renew Unlimited Membership to practice and play more often at QSY. One of my favorite teachers, Darren Rhodes gives this great advice for growing your practice, “Slow and steady = superlative-sadhana in my opinionated opinion. Make your limitations part of your practice instead of problems preventing practice. Lastly, make fun a full-on part of your practice.” 

Here is our steady and vivacious vision at Queen Street Yoga. We hope you’ll join us in bringing it to life! 

Rooted in Practice

We are dedicated to artful teaching and committed practice that supports us in our life’s learning. We aim to offer classes and programs that are thoughtful, challenging, and nurturing.

Growing Community

We see our practice as a bridge to awareness and action in our local community and our wider world. We endeavour to co-create inclusive, diverse, and playful spaces to support intelligent change-making and social responsiveness.

Cultivating Vibrant Lives

We choose to experience our lives as art, paying creative attention to our relationships, our passions and our work in the world. We are committed to befriending our bodies, practicing gratitude and sharing our gifts in community.

Here of some of the great moments of our Dec 8th Open House which was a sweet celebration of community and yoga!





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