8-Point Pose (Astavakrasana)

My mentor Christi-an often says, “Let what you can’t yet do inspire you!”

Not too long ago this pose used to baffle me, but with steady practice and careful alignment it’s gradually become one of my favorite arm balancing poses. Both myself and Emma have been introducing it in our classes lately, and it’s been so fun to both watch students take flight, and see the smiles filling the room as we try sometime new, ridiculous, and seemingly impossible. Thankfully the ground isn’t far below! Even if your butt seems glued to the floor in the beginning (and maybe for many months), there are many useful and important actions you can learn in this pose to empower the rest of your yoga practice. Deceptively, it doesn’t require arm strength as much as core and leg power.

Check it out on the video and then come to class soon to try it out!


Here’s another interesting blog post about the pose.

– Leena

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