Let’s make community care the new buzzword

Self-care is a buzzword, and we use it liberally at Queen Street Yoga. It can be an important practice of slowing down, taking time for yourself, and caring for your heart, body and mind. However, self-care and yoga practice can be inaccessible to many people. What we need to complement self-care and enhance overall wellness is community care, where people “are committed to leveraging their privilege to benefit others. ¹

Community care takes the onus off of the individual to take care of themselves, all by themselves, and places the responsibility for care within the community, in friend networks, or through structured groups or organizations. For true wellness, “people should receive community care from both their government and their friend networks.” Of course, we know that that doesn’t always happen. And recently, with drastic cuts to provincial healthcare, education, and the arts, more and more community care is being taken away from those who need it most. 

We want community care to become as strong a buzzword as self-care. We also want it to mean something, and to actively practice and embody it. Two ways that we are amplifying the principle of community care at Queen Street Yoga are:

  1. Offering sliding-scale spots in ALL of our courses, to make the self-care practices of yoga and meditation more financially accessible (see our website for details);


  1. Reaching out to people who have lost their jobs due to the provincial governments cuts to social services like healthcare and education, and offering them free or deeply discounted class passes (follow us on social media for details).

If you want to support our efforts at community care, you can do that by spreading the word about it and continuing to support our business in whatever ways you can. Whether that is buying a class pass, signing up for a workshop, or telling people about us, your participation will help us remain a robust and compassionate business. Forward this email to a friend and check out our fall course and workshop schedule to discover ways you can practice self-care for yourself and support us in offering community care to those who need it. 

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