Yoga Tips from QSY: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose Variations

Have you been missing QSY teacher Emma while she’s away on sabbatical? Catch her in this helpful video with several different versions of one of her favorite restorative yoga poses.

“Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose” (Viparita Karani) is a great way to cool down your body, gently stretch your hamstrings, relax your legs, reduce swelling in the feet, and calm your nervous system. In this video, Emma shows a number of variations, with and without props, to help you find a way to make this pose super comfortable for yourself at home or at the studio.


Pro Tips:

  • Like Emma demonstrates in the video, make sure to keep your knees safe by coming into the pose by starting with your side at the wall, and then turn your body gradually come on your back as your legs slide up the wall. This will help you avoid any torquing at the knee joints.
  • Don’t have any yoga props at home? You can improvise with common things like a scarf or a bathrobe tie instead of a yoga strap, a phone book (maybe not such a common thing any more!) or a thick book instead of a yoga block, and a firm thick pillow instead of a yoga bolster.

If you’d like to learn more about this and other Restorative Yoga postures, check out our Rest & Renew classes, Thursdays at 7:45pm!

2012-11-02-09-09-42 copyEmma Dines is the creative director of Queen Street Yoga. She loves writing, visiting thrift stores and going for walks in the woods. She is currently on sabbatical (read about that here) and will be back teaching at QSY in November.


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