Yogi Gift Giving Guide

The season of gift-giving is approaching. At Queen Street Yoga we are stocking up on all the yoga props you could ever need for enhancing home practice and self care. We’ve got plenty of items for yogis and non-yogis in your life. Check out our gift-giving guide below.


Get 15% off all retail items at QSY between Nov 27-Dec 24. We can also special order any Half Moon props for you – our last order will go out Dec 4th, in order to have all items arrive before Christmas. Please check out shophalfmoon.com and email us by Dec 4th with any requests you have.

QSY gift giving guide

1. For the Yoga Newbie – Gift Certificates!

For the friend who has been talking for a while about joining you for yoga, but hasn’t taken the plunge. Encourage them to try it out with a Queen Street Yoga Gift Certificate! Let them know that we offer drop-in classes of varying levels, and Intro to Yoga courses if they’d like to learn the fundamentals in a progressive way.

You can purchase gift certificates online, and print them at home. We also have beautiful printed gift certificates at the studio when you purchase them in-person at the studio. Gift certificates are available in any amount.

2. For Anyone with Feet – Toe Spreaders

As we exchange our bare feet and sandals for winter boots, our feet will get less and less natural movement and spread. For anyone with feet we suggest Joy-a-Toes Toe Spreaders! Joy-a-Toes have been known to help address and correct bunions and foot pain by waking up the lines of connective tissue in the feet. Wear them while reading a book, doing restorative yoga, or watching a holiday movie. Your feet will thank you.



3. For the friend who loves massages – Acuballs or Yoga Tune Up Balls

Who doesn’t love a good massage? With an Acuball or a set of Yoga Tune Up balls, you can give yourself a massage at home anytime. There are lots of instructional videos online with different ideas of how to use them. Watch an Acuball video here and a Yoga Tune Up video on upper back here.


4. For the Nap Enthusiast – Bolsters, Eye Pillows, Therapy Pillows 

Eye Pillows (unscented or with natural lavender) are a nice small gift that can help someone rest their eyes – either on the couch or in a restorative yoga pose. Therapy pillows are larger, and can be heated or cooled and placed on the body to promote rest and healing.

Bolsters can be used for supportive restorative poses, meant to rest the nervous system. Learn various ways to use a bolster in our Rest & Renew class or click here to download a restorative yoga sequence from our blog.



5. For the Aspiring Meditator – Meditation Cushions

Meditation cushions come in all sorts of patterns and colours. We carry a small selection of cushions, but we can order any colour or pattern for you if you get in touch with us by Dec 4th. Check out shophalfmoon.com to see the variety offered!



6. For the Athlete in Your Life – Yoga Tune Up Course or Workshop 

In January we are offering a new type of yoga class called Yoga Tune Up, which will focus on fascia (connective tissue) and self-massage as “pre-hab”. This course will be great for yoga practitioners as well as athletes that may be looking for ways to diversify their movement training. Yoga Tune Up uses various therapy balls to relieve and prevent pain, improve posture and increase mobility. This course will be taught by experienced teacher Tara Kachroo, featured in the photo below!

tara yoga tune up

Sign up for our 2 hour workshop on Sunday Jan 10, or a 6 week course starting Monday Jan 25. These courses will probably sell out, so register early to avoid disappointment!   


7. For the Committed Yoga Practitioners – BE Mat or Manduka Mats

Not all yoga mats are created equal! Check out our blog post “Finding Your Soul Mat” on the differences between various brands of mats to help you decide what mat might best serve your practice. If you have a committed yogi in your life that is wearing holes in their entry-level mat, consider gifting them a more durable mat. BE mats and Manduka mats are a bigger investment, but they last many years and can make quite the difference to the experience of wrists, knees and traction.



holiday sale 2015


2012-11-02-09-09-42 copyEmma Dines is the creative director of Queen Street Yoga. She loves writing, visiting thrift stores and going for walks in the woods. She also loves cartwheeling, sewing and making her own kimchi.


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