Yoga for Kids: Tips for Creating a Fun and Healthy Practice

Thinking about introducing some yoga to your children, or children in your life?  Try some of these simple strategies for a fun and empowering experience. Forget what you’re accustomed to from yoga classes geared for adults! If your kids love yoga, consider signing them up for our upcoming Kids Yoga class, starting Wednesday Oct 8. 

Amanda Hirsh - kids learning yoga tree pose

Do you ever wish that you had started yoga sooner? Imagine if your practice began when you were a child.  Consider how a yoga and meditation practice might have benefited your approach to homework, tests, competitions, parties, and knowing what you need.

Just like adults, children have tight spots too.  They’re spending many hours in front of screens, sitting in class, and experiencing growth spurts. They will benefit from exercies that increase range of motion. Yoga can also help children feel more confident and to trust themselves. They may even learn when it feels good to transiton from hyperactivity into feeling calm, and how to enjoy relaxation and stillness.

That being said, put 30 kids in a field and ask them to assume Mountain Pose and quietly breathe laterally into their rib cage – it’s probably not going to happen. Unless you try some of these techniques!

Keep it short

Set an intention to make the experience feel good and be realistic about attention span. If it’s a fun memory, they’ll want to do it again another time. For toddlers, aim for no more than 5-15 minute sessions. Older children may enjoy half an hour or 45 minutes with games and a brief relaxation.

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