Eating with Your Hands – A Practice to Explore

pallavi_damera- food cooked by meWe are intending to explore mindful eating at our upcoming Weekend Yoga Intensive, Rooted in Practice. Rooted in Practice is intended to be a mixed-level, urban yoga retreat and a chance to dive deeper into the practice and conversation of yoga. Read more about Emma’s experience with mindful eating in this week’s post.


I generally try to avoid starting stories with the sentence “When I was in India…” because I’m a yoga teacher that tries to show that not all yoga teachers fit the stereotype of yoga teachers. What’s the stereotype? You know: did their teacher training in India, is a vegetarian, wears mala beads all the time, drinks smoothies, basically everything in this hilarious video. I try to drink coffee and eat meat in public, and wear something other than yoga pants, and talk about things other than yoga. But, I have been to India (though not for my yoga teacher training), so sometimes I do need to start stories with the sentence “When I was in India…”. So here we go.Continue reading “Eating with Your Hands – A Practice to Explore”