Re-Post: Establishing a home practice

We originally posted this article and ten tips about establishing a home practice on our blog in 2014. These tips are still relevant now, and with our building a home practice workshop around the corner, we have been thinking about home practice a lot lately.

No matter who you are, keeping up a home yoga practice can be difficult at times. Heck, even our Yoga Teacher Trainees struggle with it sometimes! We showed our YTT’s this article on 10 Tips and Tricks to Establishing a Regular Home Yoga practice and asked them what they thought.

For short, the ten tips are:

  1. Let go of all expectations
  2. Give yourself permission to just roll out your mat and breathe
  3. Set an intention
  4. Warm up
  5. Standing poses, seated poses, backbends, twists and savasana
  6. Enjoy being able to take time in postures
  7. Don’t be constrained about how you think postures should look
  8. Be playful, and light, and joyous
  9. Make your daily home practice the one must-do of your day
  10. Be kind to yourself and always, always, always get back on the mat


We’d love to hear from you too! What do you struggle with when trying to do a home practice? Do you have any techniques that you use to help you practice regularly?


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