The Power of Laughter

DSC_3578Kristina recently graduated from our 2014 Yoga Teacher Training Program and will be sharing her laughter and love of yoga at Queen Street Yoga, alternating teaching the Friday 5:30pm Hour Flow with her fellow YTT graduate Marta! Kristina is a tree-hugger by day, yogi by night.  In her spare time she loves to knit, cycle, take photos of tiny things, laugh with friends, and drink tea.


Matthew Grapengieser - Amazing Laughter sculpture by Yue MinjunPeople often comment on my laughter… I laugh a lot!  And I’ve heard all sorts of opinions about my laughter – it’s the “best ever”, it’s too loud, it’s like a bubbling brook, it’s inappropriate at times…

But my favourite is always when people tell me that hearing my laugh causes them to laugh – it’s true, laughter is often contagious!  And what’s wrong with that?  I know how good laughing makes me feel – and it only feels better when I see that spreading around me.

Laughter as Medicine

I think a lot of people could use more laughter in their lives.  Laughter is, after all, the best medicine, right?

Well, according to research, yes.  A good laugh can go a long way.  Laughter can have physiological, psychological, social, spiritual, and quality-of-life benefits.  Better yet, our brains can’t distinguish what is causing us to laugh.  Whatever the cause of our laughter – a natural response to a funny joke, a contagion caught between friends, or self-induced fake-it-till you make it laughter – our brains perceive it the same way, releasing the benefits into our bodies.

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