Thunder and Enlightening [Practicing Yoga Outside in the Rain]

bikes at yoga in parkMonica recently graduated from our Teacher Training program, and currently volunteers behind the desk on Friday mornings. In this post she shares about her experience of practicing yoga outside in the elements, and in particular, during a summer storm! As the weather warms up we might think about taking our mat outside for a few poses in the sunlight (or the rain). We hope you enjoy Monica’s poetic writing.

  There wouldn’t be a concept of Space if the Earth element were nonexistent.

  I’ve always had the desire to ground myself. The enormity of bringing myself down from lapses of panic requires more mental concentration than I sometime deem possible. Anxiety has a home nested within my chest. A taut, clenching sensation blooms words of worry and fear – in replacement of mindfulness – up my throat; sometimes only to have something spoken to fill the space.Continue reading “Thunder and Enlightening [Practicing Yoga Outside in the Rain]”