Peaceful confusion in the wake of all that we’ve lost

Are you looking for tools to navigate our challenging and complex world?

We see the need for guidance and practices for our collective mental health at this juncture of the pandemic. Things have “gone back to normal” but many of us are still struggling to decide how to act and how to care for ourselves in the wake of all that we’ve lost.

One way we can offer guidance is with getting accustomed to peaceful confusion (a term we learned from Dare Sohei and Larissa Kaul). This could mean making peace with the fact that we may never have the answers or solutions we desire, and yet want to and must carry on living with ourselves and one another as best we can.

To rest in peaceful confusion, we can try to be with the present moment in way that intentionally includes all of the things we both do and don’t like about it.

With this goal in mind, we’ve planned a few courses for the spring; Mindful Movement & Meditation starting May 10 and Mind-Body Yoga for Teens starting May 19. We hope that if you know a young person who is looking for tools to bolster their mental health, that you pass along the information to them, including the fact that we offer sliding scale pricing.

Both of these courses are taught by Danette, if we can make a blanket suggestion, you should really try a practice with.

To get you started in that process, we’ve picked out a really great video of Danette leading a meditation and are sharing it for free here. You’ll need 14 minutes and a place to sit. It’s a sweet little guided meditation that surprised all of us with how powerful it is despite being so simple.

Meditation with Danette: Receiving Love & Care

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