A new kind of influencer

You’ve probably been exposed to influencers, or at least heard that they exist. Influencers share their enviable lives online and are sponsored by companies small and large to promote their products on social media.

Intentionally or not, social media influencers end up promoting materialistic and consumerist lifestyles. Everyone’s gotta make a living, but we think that influence is too important of a power to wield only to make a buck.

We aren’t big enough to warrant sponsorship from large corporations, but we have our own agenda anyway. From any given drop-in class, to our local community, to the international yoga industry, we’re out here with our hearts on our sleeves earnestly working away at reforming the culture of the yoga industry.

The socio-cultural forces at play have taken modern yoga towards an over-emphasis on athletic performance and thinness, exclusivity, and abusive and cult-like dynamics. If you are getting curious or fired up just hearing about that, we’d love for you to join us in an extended learning container.

In our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training, you are invited to learn from deep thinkers and leaders who are working to undo damage done to both the yoga tradition and to participants over the years. With a focus on inclusion, anti-oppression and trauma-sensitivity, our training produces teachers ready to lead the industry culture in a new direction.

Curious to learn more? Join us for a free info session on Thursday April 21.
When you register, you’ll get a promo code to attend one free class in April. Come meet the core faculty and get a sense for what our innovative program is like. Register here.

Our YTT core faculty, from left to right: Leslie, Leena & Emma

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