Find Your Yoga Buddy

There are so many different kinds of yoga students.

There are the quiet ones who want to meditate on their mat before and after class. There are the chatty ones who talk everyone’s ear off at the water dispenser. There are the earnest ones who listen with rapt attention during class, and the jokers who heckle the teacher in good fun.

I have a tender spot in my heart for all my students, but I have a special spot reserved for yoga buddies, pairs of friends who come to class together. Usually when people come in pairs I get to know them a bit more. They tell me about how yoga is a part of their friendship. They come to class more regularly because they have a friend date and they don’t want to miss it! Yoga buddies often make the whole feeling of the class more like a hangout – they are more likely to crack jokes to each other in class, which makes everyone laugh. It’s a good scene.

These are examples of some real life yoga buddies who come to Queen Street Yoga all the time.

We need friends, buddies, pals in the cold month of February. February can be hard, for lots of reasons. It can be hard to feel motivated, it can be hard to get around in the snow. It can be hard to endure Valentine’s Day (whether you’re into romance or not). February often feels grumpy, and if you’ve got the grumps, we’ve got an idea for you.

Find your yoga buddy. Starting next Tuesday and running until Family Day, you (as a QSY pass-holder) can bring a friend to class with you FOR FREE. This is your chance. Hold auditions for the role of “yoga buddy” and see where it goes. This week could change your life. You might get more friend time and more yoga time on a regular basis.

Visit Queen Street Yoga to view yoga buddies in their natural habitat.

Ready to find your yoga buddy? Share this blog post with a friend, and pick a class from the list to come to together!

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