Yoga Tips from QSY- Low Squat

A low squat is a basic natural movement that’s great for your hips, knees, and ankles. If you watch an average toddler, they squat often with total ease and beautiful alignment. However, due to the amount of chair/couch/car sitting we do, many people have lost the mobility to properly squat. This video with QSY Director Leena shows a simple modification to help you get more comfortable in a low squat, and eventually you can reduce the support over time as you regain mobility. See if you can incorporate this position throughout your day- send a few emails, answer a phone call, chop some veggies, weed your garden, play with a kid or pet… all possible from a squat!

Here’s a great read on untucking your tailbone in a squat for better spinal alignment, and how this position and movement is particularly important to avoid and fix pelvic floor issues for both women and men. (Want to avoid using Depends anyone?!) And if you’re really like some more indepth information and preparatory stretches for well aligned squats, check out this fabulous post by the queen of biomechanics and squatting, Katy Bowman.


  1. gwenjpenner says:

    FYI, the video is “not available.”

  2. Fixed, thanks for letting us know!

  3. Edgar Wang says:

    Thank you for this good tips. I know yoga helps us to improve proper posture.

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