Glen’s WOW Moment with Yoga in Mexico

You might remember Glen from the blog post “A Heart-Warming Letter about Yoga from QSY Student Glen Campbell”. Glen continues to warm our hearts with this post about his recent trip to Mexico, and a connection he made with someone around the practice of yoga. You will want to read to all the way to the end of this post. We promise. 🙂


I recently returned from an amazing trip with our neighbours to a resort in Manzanillo Mexico. It was an all inclusive type resort that included all meals, drinks, and daily activities including a 10am class every day called “ Stretching and Yoga”

The yoga class was located outside on a grassy area between one of the pools and overlooking the ocean. We would be taken through a series of yoga poses and stretches with a relaxed savasana to end the session. There was no singing of “Om”, no talk of breathing techniques or overall theme. It was different to what I’m used to at Queen Street Yoga but that was fine. I enjoyed the practice although it didn’t compare to the teachings at QSY. It was great to be outdoors in the warm morning air.

Our last day at the resort was on a Saturday and I decided to do one more yoga class and wear my QSY t-shirt to the class. As I made my way to the grassy area where we practiced I found myself alone with the instructor. I said “Looks like it will be just you and I today!” He commented that Saturday is a big changeover day and many people are leaving so it was usually not a busy day. He then noticed my QSY t-shirt and asked if I was an instructor. I told him I had been practicing yoga for about a year now, and wasn’t an instructor. He then suggested that I teach the class. I replied “Oh no no I don’t teach and you go ahead.” He suggested again that I teach and as I was about to say no again, I thought to myself “Why not give it a try!

I was feeling a little anxious but took a deep breath, thought about the QSY studio and teachers. I thought about how I was taught and how I could share bits of what I learned. I thought to myself “This will be a new experience and I can do this!” We started with centering our thoughts and I talked about how to breathe. I noticed some people were standing around watching us. Again feeling a little nervous I just blocked it out and took us through a series of poses like cat-cow, warrior, pigeon and others for about half an hour.  We then lay on our back with eyes closed for savasana and I spoke again about slow deep breathing and how to totally relax. From there we came to a seated position again with eyes closed. We put our hands together in front of our hearts as I spoke about breathing in the warm sweet air and listening to the beautiful sounds of nature all around us.  I thanked our teachers and how great it is to have yoga in our lives. With that I took a deep breath and sang the longest Om possible, paused and finished with Namaste.

We then opened our eyes and as we looked at each other he put both his hands over his heart and told me “That was so amazing”. His eyes were wide and he looked like he was in shock! I could not believe the effect this had on him! He kept telling me how amazing it was as he kept his hands crossed over his heart. Blown away at how this had affected him I was now having such an amazingly wonderful feeling myself. I told him “You just connected with your heart and soul”. He said they learned yoga from the animation team who are the dancers that put on the evening shows at the theater. He said he never experienced this type of teaching before. He so warmly thanked me again and then we parted ways. I found out later that day that when he did his pool exercise class he had incorporated some deep breathing techniques before they started. I’m told he had never done this before!

I know I left something special back in Mexico that will continue to grow. Every time I think of what happened it puts a warm smile on my face. I thought this would be a nice story to share and await my next amazing yoga moment!


Glen CampbellGlen

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  1. gwenjpenner says:

    Very Cool story. Thanks for sharing with us and with the teacher in Mexio.

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