A Heart-Warming Letter about Yoga from QSY Student Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell wrote this letter to us about how yoga has changed his life. He feels that yoga has played a large part in lowering his blood pressure and allowing his body to do a “natural bypass” to assist a blocked coronary artery. It has also helped him relate more effectively with his teenage son, and enjoy running his company. We are so happy that Glen stepped out of his comfort zone to join us at the studio, and we are so happy to see him so regularly in class! 

It was January of 2014 when I got hit with some bad news regarding my health. I had the same health issue five years earlier and it had returned. It was my heart again! I had been doing all the right things (diet, weight loss, don’t smoke, reducing stress and exercising) but my body rejected the stents that were put in my right coronary artery. It was 100% blocked again! My doctor told me nothing can be done surgically as it’s a difficult repair. Drugs were my only option and to just hope for the best. Every day I woke up and wondered if this would be the day I would have a heart attack. I could get through my day but if I did a little more than moderate cardio I could feel the pain in my chest. It was hard to plan for the future when I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the day. Not a great way to live. It was the darkest time of my life.

With this all playing on my mind, plus my son’s teenage attitude and running my own business I ended up having a breakdown.  My blood pressure shot up to 215/112 and I ended up being taken out of my home by ambulance to St Mary’s Hospital. I thought, This is it! It was scary how I couldn’t control what my body was doing. Fortunately I didn’t have a heart attack and I was discharged the next day. I went to see my cardiologist shortly after and discussed what had happened. He recommended I try yoga and added a second drug pressure pill to take every day.

Not knowing much about yoga I talked with my friends at Conestoga Karate where I attend with my son. They recommended Queen Street Yoga highly. So off I went and I have to say it was way out of my comfort zone. I met with Emma and we discussed a little about my life and how yoga could help. She suggested Rest & Renew would be a good fit. A week later I walked into my very first class. By the end of that class I was hooked. I felt like I was taking back control of my life. The class was so relaxing and had me feeling at total peace. I couldn’t wait for the next class and hoped for that same feeling again and it delivered. Since then along with Rest & Renew I have taken a couple of courses at QSY (Meditation for Resilient Living and Intro to Yoga). I have added a Basics & Open Level class to my weekly schedule. I like to try all that is offered at the studio! I’m no longer outside my comfort zone and feel totally at home ☺

I find myself with a wonderful new addiction. I have belonged to Karate, Kung Fu and a couple gyms in my life time and most of the time had to push myself to get out the door to my class. Yoga somehow is different for me. I find myself excited during the day just thinking about going to my yoga class. When it’s time to leave for my class I do not have to push myself out the door.

I have made other changes in my life by adjusting my diet even more, reducing hours from my business and more exercise but I feel yoga was the single most important step I made in my life! Yoga is working in all aspects of my life and helps me to stay on track with my diet, exercise, work & family.

I now know from doctors I have good collateral heart vessels feeding blood to my heart which is the body’s natural way of doing heart bypass. The doctors tell me I can live with just these vessels many years. I feel very optimistic about my future now! My blood pressure is staying in a normal range. I have been able to come off 1 blood pressure pill and reduced the other to ½ a pill per day. I have also been able to reduce from 3 down to 2 cholesterol pills. My cardiologist is amazed at how well I’m doing.  Yoga has helped me to deal with my son’s attitude much more effectively (he is a wonderful son) and my work is very enjoyable with no pressure. I certainly have more patience with everything life throws at me now. I have made such huge changes in such a short time. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

Glen with Emma after a Wednesday Rest & Renew class!

I’m so pleased to have found Queen Street Yoga and I feel yoga will be a big part of who I am for the rest of my life! I feel so optimistic and in charge of my health, life & future!

I wish I had found yoga earlier in my life!

Thank you to Emma & everyone at Queen Street Yoga

Glen Campbell


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