Staff Spotlight – Get to know Leslie and Jason

picmonkey_image (4)Leslie and Jason are two of the organizers/hosts behind Queen Street Conversations. Leslie has been a work trade at the studio since November (she makes the graphics for the QSY newsletter) and Jason was a work trade for about seven months before he started working at Community Justice Initiatives (he was on the front desk on Friday mornings). They are both super passionate about yoga, community engagement and looking at the big issues head-on, which is why they love planning for and hosting Queen Street Conversations. Read on to learn a bit more about them, and don’t be shy to approach them at the studio to talk about Game of Thrones (they are both big fans) or share your thoughts about the complex issues facing the world. You know, just casual water-cooler talk. Meet both of them at our next Queen Street Conversations event coming up on Saturday Sept 27, from 1pm-3pm at the studio. (This event is free and open to all.)


leslieName: Leslie Stokman (you could pronounce it like “STOCK-man” or “STALK-men,” make puns at your leisure!)
Passion in Life: eating, moving, learning, noticing the little things (as in, “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!” – Kurt Vonnegut [who is kinda my guru])
Occupation: Supply teacher for WRDSB, (I go by Ms. S.) and aspiring yoga teacher. I moonlight as a housewife.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Fave Yoga Pose: Trikonasana
Fave KW Restaurant: Anything Korean
If you see me at QSY I will probably be: frowning at the computer while shuffling the mouse around and humming trying to make colours work and fonts fit on tiny digital posters, and/or sweating like a beast on my mat and trying to surreptitiously wipe it up with my shirt.
What I’m excited about: Queen Street Conversations – planning and hosting them with the other QSC peeps, and then having the community at large come and dig in to our juicy topics; about all past and future QSY Lip-Sync Battles; and about applying to and hopefully attending the next session of Yoga Teacher Training at QSY.
Talk to me about: food, rock climbing, movies, books, Game of Thrones, converging global crises, the weather (seriously I love talking about it)

jasonName: Jason Spencer
Passion in Life: learning, playing and exploring
Occupation: Community Developer – what’s that you ask? Anything that lets me engage with the people in this great community
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Fave Yoga Pose: Bakasana (crow pose)
Fave KW Restaurant: East African Cafe
If you see me at QSY I will probably be: practicing yoga as much as a I can (love this place) or hosting Queen Street Conversations (did I mention I love this place?)
What I’m excited about: Queen Street Conversations – building our collective awareness and community around issues that we are all facing, finding interesting ways to engage and be a part of community
Talk to me about: travel, politics, spirituality, community building, the last or next Marvel movie, Game of Thrones

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