Prenatal Yoga – What’s it to you?

Are you or a friend interested in practicing yoga during pregnancy? Here’s what our prenatal instructor Julie Zettel has to say about why she thinks yoga is helpful for women during their pregnancies.

Prenatal Yoga has become a huge draw for many women looking to stay healthy and vibrant throughout their pregnancies. Pregnancy is an ideal time to begin a yoga practice under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. These classes are a great environment for the first timer to learn basic postures in a safe manner and experience the incredible healing effects that the practice has on body and the mind.

Yoga gives women time to connect with their bodies and babies and adapt to the many changes they are going through. They have an opportunity for extended breathing practice that is an invaluable tool during labour and delivery. Teaching pregnant women is an amazing experience as they readily and easily focus inward, into their breathing, into their pelvis and into their centre.

Breathing is the most important part of the practice as its a way of reaching the baby, of making contact and offering a special time together. Students learn to make space both within themselves and to allow time and space in their lives for baby. Many women consistently report that their breathing practice was both an anchor and mainstay during labour and post-partum. Pregnancy has three trimesters and each of these trimesters brings its own trials which should be considered as you practice. Reminding students, to listen to their bodies and assure them that toning it down is not a weakness – they are growing a baby! Yoga is an integral and invigorating part of the journey to motherhood.

To find out a little more about Julie, you can check her bio out at our website:

You can hear some more of Julie’s wise words during her prenatal yoga classes at 7:45pm on Tuesdays and 6:00pm on Thursdays

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