Adjustment Cards: Keeping you Comfortable in your Practice

At QSY we are continuing to work to make our studio a fun, safe, and comfortable place for all people to come and practice in. As part of this effort we are introducing Adjustment Cards to help make our classes more welcoming. What are Adjustment Cards you ask?

THESE are consent cards
These are Adjustment Cards

Adjustment Cards are meant to help you tell your instructor in a easy and non-judgmental manner whether or not you would like to receive hands-on adjustment during your class. Sometimes adjustment may take the form of helping you move into a pose or by helping you move deeper in a restorative pose. However, we recognize that not everyone is ready or willing to have this hands on time, and that’s where our Adjustment Cards come in.

Adjustment Cards are located alongside the prop stands in both of our classrooms. We ask that you take one of these at the beginning of your class and place it at the front of your mat alongside your class pass to tell the instructor your preference.

Here they are!
Here they are!

The great thing about Adjustment Cards is that you can change them as you like throughout the class so if you change your mind you’re welcome to change the status of your card as needed.

If you’d like to know more of the reasoning why we’re introducing these cards, you’re welcome to read more into them here:

We hope that these help to make QSY a safer and more welcoming place for you to practice and welcome your feedback as to how we can improve in the future.

Tegan Tegan is our Social Media trade at QSY. When she’s not busy keeping you informed on the latest yoga news she enjoys practicing Acro Yoga on the dock with her brother and ‘accidentally’ dropping him in the lake

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